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It really is a global world

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Although I live in the UK my main publisher is in Canada. BWL Publishing is my writing family. It is the place I go to to talk books, to ask for help, even for inspiration. Every day one of its authors writes a blog on its popular website at and I've learned so much about my fellow authors by reading their posts, even though I haven't met a single one of them. While many of them are Canadian, others, like me, are scattered across the world, writing from as far afield as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and France, as well as America and the UK. This means we are on-line colleagues, working from home. Something that sits well in the present Coronavirus climate of fear.

As well as supporting and advising such a disparate group of writers, BWL publishes our books in all English language markets worldwide, making them available in print from Lightning Source, Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and Amazon kindle, and as ebooks from Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, SCRIBD, Smashwords, Indigo, Angus & Robertson and Mondadori. There are buy links to all these stores on the BWL Publishing website at, where every author has an author page listed in the Index, and each author’s book cover is hyperlinked to the locations where the book can be purchased.

What's more, 6 new books are published every month, and for anyone visiting its website, the choice of older books is endless, as is the information about the authors who write them. There is also a facebook group for readers at Books We Love Online Book Club, and a free reading bookclub at so what more could a writer ask for?

If a supportive publisher, a group of like-minded colleagues and global publishing, all at the click of a computer keyboard or, even more easily, via a cell phone, is not enough, then we don't deserve to be published at all.

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